Total Cleanse

I’ve been working on updating and improving the Beaumont Body Shaping 6 week weight loss programme (previously called Spark). I’ve rebranded it as “Total Cleanse” and given it a nice fresh “clean” look. It will be live for the end of June – just in time for that all important bikini season!

“Total Cleanse” is a fully online 6 week weight loss plan and is ideal if you have less than 2 stone to lose or want to lose weight in time for a special event. It’s also suitable for people within a healthy weight range but are keen to cut out processed foods and sugar.

“Total Cleanse” will give you diet and menu support based on your individual weight/height statistics. You decide on your weight loss target and I will work out your daily calorific intake and correct balance of carbs, protein and fat.

If you have the motivation and discipline but need the science and structure to provide a major lifestyle boost, Total Cleanse is perfect.

You’ll get your own personalised menu plans (compiled after completing a concise health check questionnaire) exercise tips, regular healthy eating bulletins, 3 one to one sessions (via phone or Skype), a food diary analysis, low GI Shopping List, ongoing email support.

The cost for the 6 week Total Cleanse Plan is £75.

To register your interest in Total Cleanse and to sign up for the programme, simply complete this form below.


Get rid of back fat

As the summer holiday season approaches it’s time to think about getting our body into shape for the beach. One body area which students often ask advice about is how to lose those extra bits of flesh behind our bra straps. This article gives some good advice and even better our classes incorporate each of these moves shown below every week – and more!

How to get rid of back fat

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